How does it work?
Bagdolo offers storage locations across the city, hosted at local businesses. We make it simple to find and book conveniently located space. Place your booking online, show up at the location, check-in your items and go enjoy the city. It's that simple., 
What can I store?
You tell us! You can think of us as your personal locker all around the city. We are used for luggage storage, gym bags, back-packs or whatever is holding you down. 
Where are my items stored?
We partner with local businesses around the city. We have everything from travel agencies, restaurants, cafes, hotels on our platform. We require the location to offer either a dedicated storage or luggage storage room, or a designated area that's off limits for customers. All items will be tagged and sealed to make sure you can go about your day without a worry.
Do you have a location near X?
You can find all our locations by inputting your address on our search page. If you really want to use us, but we don't offer a location near you, please let us know! We're constantly adding new locations and your feedback and requests is a big part of helping us focus on the right places. 
Are large bags more expensive?
Nope. All bags are priced at a flat rate. We are cheap, safe and flexible. 
Do you offer hourly storage?
No, we don't. We offer a flat charge for any numbers of hours you store your bags for – don't get bothered by those ticking clocks. We want to unburden you by offering city wide storage, not stress you with a running meter. 
Do I need to pay in cash for the booking?
Nope! Pay safely online via our website for swift drop-off and pick-up at our DoloPoints. That way you don't have to worry about currencies and payments when you get there. In case you change your plans and inform us up to 2 hours before the scheduled drop, we offer a refund policy. 
Is there a maximum item size?
If one person can pick it up, we'll take it! Any questions, reach out to
Are my items safe?
We personally vet every location we sign up on our platform. We require every location to store your items safely out of reach of other customers. We also tag and seal every item, so you can store your things knowing they won't be tampered with. 
How do I cancel my booking?
We are sorry that it didn’t work out. You can call 9810989318 or mail up to 2 hours before the scheduled time to drop the bag at the DoloPoint. The refund would be processed in 4 to 5 business days after deducting transaction charges. Please let us know the reason to cancel. It will help us improve our services. 
What if my plans change?
You can arrive anytime within the store's hours so don't worry about being early or late, as long as you fit that window. If you need to add bags to your order, just make another booking. If you need to cancel, please do so 2 hours prior to your booking. Forward your email confirmation to and we'll refund your booking. 
Can I store my items for a week or a month?
Yes. Just put the booking in. If you're booking with us for a really long time, reach out to and we'll help you out. 
How do I make a credit/debit card payment?
Click the shopping cart on the top menu bar. After selecting the items that you want to checkout, fill in your delivery details which include your name, notification email, contact number and delivery address. If you are using an account, these details should already be prepopulated for you. Next, review the order details once last time before clicking “Proceed to payment”. Check the payment details and click “Pay now”. A pop up box would appear so that you can fill in your credit card details. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected back to bagdolo’s site.
What if I want to park more than 5 bags?
You can create bookings for bags in the multiples of 5. Say you want to park 8 bags, you can create a booking with 5 bags and another with 3 bags. 
Can I send someone else to pick or drop my belongings?
We understand that such situations may arise but we also want to ensure safety and security of stored items. In such cases, please send us a note at and also, to the email address of the DoloPartner (mentioned in your booking confirmation page) giving written permission to your authorized representative to pick up or drop off your items. Please make sure to share the email address and valid photo ID number of your representative, so our location staff can cross check upon arrival. 
I need to deposit a larger bag (e.g. trolley) and a smaller one (e.g. backpack), do I have to book 2 bags?
Yes, any baggage, regardless of size, must be included in the online booking. The deposit will not take in any extra luggage that was not booked online. 
Do I have to download an app?
No, you don't need to download anything to use Bagdolo’s services. You simply book online using our website.  
How can I find the directions to the shop where I want to store my bags?
Once you have made the booking, you will receive complete address of the DoloPoint that you can use in google maps to access directions. 
What do I need to bring with me on the day?
You only need your proof of booking (on your phone is fine!), a copy of your photo ID to show the host - and your bags! There will be a tag attached to your bag that will have your name and the booking reference id. 
What do I do if the DoloPoint is closed?

We're very sorry - sometimes factors out of our control mean shops open late. If this is the case, call us straight away on 9810989318. We will i) contact the DoloPartner to find out how soon they can open; or ii) if we can't reach them, arrange for storage as near as possible. If neither are possible, we will of course refund you for the inconvenience. Within reason, we may help cover alternative travel arrangements you may need to make. If you have a plane to catch, we strongly recommend not missing your flight. It is normally cheaper for you to ship bags than to rebook a plane ticket. This is why we also insist that you keep all necessary travel documents with you. Please do take careful note of the opening hours - if you arrive after the DoloPoint has closed to collect your luggage, there is not a lot we can do, but we will always try our best to help.