Become a Part of the Luggage Storage Revolution!

Have you ever checked out of a hotel and still had to spend some time in the city? Did you ever wonder how easier the stay would be if you could store your luggage safely near you? Now you can have your bags only when you want them – Bagdolo will take care of them when you don’t.   


Bagdolo is India’s first luggage storage network that connects travelers with local businesses (shops, cafes, hotels etc.) across the country. Currently live in 30+ cities, our platform allows travelers to leave their bags/boxes with a local shop near them and enjoy the city without having to lug around their heavy bags when all they should be doing is living a #handsfreelife. 


With a vision to make traveling in India a little better, Bagdolo is aggressively partnering with local businesses across major cities to provide a DoloPoint (yes, that’s what we call our storage points) near you. If you are a frequent traveler and have suggestions for us, we are all ears. If you own a local business and would want to join our community, nothing like it. Shoot us a message at